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Paper crafter has too much time on his hands

Hello there. It’s been a busy month, getting married etc, sure some of you know the score… But back to the blog. Here is a picture of a transformer. Really cool, huh? But when I tell you that this guy made the model itself out of paper and his own ability to model/craft things using … Continue reading

Suddenly our office looks shite when compared…

So, stressful Wednesday this will be referred to from now on. Not going into it, but needless to say I’m not a fkn happy chap. People tell you something, tell it you wrong, then it is denied, meaning you have to fly to London at great cost, they deny it was wrong in the first … Continue reading

Mommy, what does a virus look like?

Once in a while a piece of art comes along which strikes you as original, clever and downright good looking. In this instance, a fella has written some code/witchcraft to use malware (the nasty bits of software that do nasty bits of work on your computer) to create a beautiful and organic image to represent … Continue reading

comfy stones

OK after that shark post, I’m gonna stick to terra firma, and show you these great cushions from the French firm called Smarin design. These awesome home accessories are made to look like stones and can be stacked up like you used to do on holiday when you were a kid, thus making many different … Continue reading

Shark eats Anti Shark device…

There’s something great about finding a scientific experiment going awfully wrong whilst surfing the inter tubes on a Sunday afternoon… and this one is no exception. Turns out that over the last few years there has been some development in the shark versus human battle that goes on in the seas off the coast of … Continue reading

Vinyl figures by Carlos Aires

So here’s a thing. This guy, the artist Carlos Aires, has produced these great looking figures from the wonderful audio medium that is Old Vinyl. It’s a sad thing to see the greatest recording medium in history going to the grave, but then in a way that looks so cool it isn’t a problem again. … Continue reading

Amazing photography

This is just a short post to an exhibition of the best wildlife photography of 2007 exhibition. THe pictures are stunning and make you realise there is so much to see in the world. Awesome, just go and check them all out by clicking on the picture above. Cheers for now.

Airline woes

So yesterday morning I am meant to fly from Amsterdam Schiphol to a small regional airport in the UK. It’s not the greatest airport in the world – far from it, but it is convenient. Anyway, this is a journey I make regularly and one I am not fond of. Anyway, the service I booked … Continue reading

70’s bling, minus the mirror-ball.

Some people just love the ability to change their environment. Some people love to be all blinged up. Some people just love to get they pimp on. With this somewhat cool light bulb from think geek you can do all three of the above. Using a remote control and a bunch of LED’s + some … Continue reading

monkey picked tea. No seriously.

OK, I’m a designer and as in most cases designers love to see design in any form, that is taken for granted but us British designers have another love in their lives. Tea. We seem to drink more tea than most other professions, indeed I regularly down between 8-12 huge mugs of the warm brown … Continue reading